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Govt 'can help FTBs'

The government could do more to help out the nation's first-time buyers (FTBs), it has been claimed. Peter Bolton King, chief executive at the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFOPP), said that government schemes such as FirstBuy and the mortgage indemnity guarantee are having an impact, but it is only limited. Mr Bolton King said the NFOPP has been ...

28th Feb 2012

Redesigning a property 'does not have to cost a fortune'

People thinking of making wholesale changes to their property do not have to spend a fortune when carrying out the alterations, it has been claimed. Alexi Sugden, senior designer of Egerton Designs, said it is a "tricky subject" as many property owners tend to use interior designers as "fixers", though the fact is that a good interior design takes time ...

24th Feb 2012

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Homeowners 'must keep on top of home repairs'

UK property owners have been advised to ensure that any necessary home repairs are carried out to avoid their house falling into disrepair and their home values possibly being affected. A new report by the AA shows that nine per cent of Brits have delayed home repairs or maintenance or tried to fix things themselves in the past year to save money. Overall, homeowners faced ...

23rd Feb 2012

FTBs 'making the most' of stamp duty holiday

The country's first-time buyers (FTBs) are making the most of the stamp duty holiday as they purchase UK property , a new study has suggested. Figures published by National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) show that more FTBs visited estate agents in January than at any point in the previous eight months, with 23 per cent of overall sales last month involving first ...

23rd Feb 2012

Property owners 'should not shy away' from DIY

UK property owners should be encouraged to make more home improvements in order to boost the appeal and value of their home, it has been claimed. Jason Orme, editor at Homebuilding & Renovating, acknowledged that there has been an increase in the number of people carrying out their own home improvements in recent times as they realise DIY can be effective as well as ...

22nd Feb 2012

Impressive entrance halls 'extremely important' to sellers

The entrance hall of a property is one of the most important features when it comes to selling a house, and homeowners should bear this in mind when it comes to putting the property on the market, one specialist has advised. Graham Lock, director and co-founder of House Network, explained that many people underestimate the importance of the entrance hall when it comes to ...

22nd Feb 2012

Modern buildings 'a good bet' for student property investors

People thinking of investing in student property have been advised that modern buildings are their best bet if they are hoping of pulling in tenants and making a profit. Peter Mindenhall, researcher at, said that the traditional converted semi is not as popular at the moment, due to the increase in rental regulations and requirements, as some older on-campus ...

21st Feb 2012

Energy efficiency 'a big attraction' to property buyers

People considering buying new homes in the UK in the weeks and months ahead will be paying attention to issues such as energy efficiency when making their decision to invest, one expert has advised. Graham Lock, director and co-founder of HouseNetwork, said that if your windows are showing signs of wear and tear then homeowners should definitely invest in new ones. "It ...

16th Feb 2012

Long-term mortgages 'may increase in popularity'

The popularity of long-term mortgages may be set to increase, according to one expert who has predicted these may be easier to secure in the coming months. Ben Wilkie, editor at What Mortgage, acknowledged that long-term fixed-rates have never been that popular in the UK, but in other parts of the world they are and Brits are beginning to look at these models as viable ...

14th Feb 2012

Location and security 'can lower home insurance premiums'

UK property owners searching for a way to lower their home insurance premiums have been advised to think about the location of their property and its security system. John Portwood, personal lines insurance broker at Portwood & Co, said that there are a few ways that people can avoid paying higher policies, such as increasing the excess on the policy, which means the ...

13th Feb 2012

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