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House prices 'set for modest fall' in 2012

UK property prices are set to fall modestly over the next 12 months, though this will all depend on the impact of the eurozone crisis, experts have claimed. A new poll carried out by Reuters shows that, with economic growths set to slow in 2012, average national property prices will fall slightly, making the purchase of new homes more affordable for some. The news ...

25th Dec 2011

House prices 'will not spike for some time'

There is unlikely to be a return to the house prices of five years ago for some time, according to one property market analyst. Selwyn Lim, director of the advice site Mouseprice, said that 2012 is likely to see a fair degree of stability in the housing market, meaning that property will be far more affordable for some. His comments follow the publication of a report by the ...

21st Dec 2011

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New mortgage proposals outlined by FSA

A number of plans to prevent a return of the risky mortgage lending seen in boom times have been outlined by the Financial Services Authority (FSA), designed to ensure that common sense standards continue to apply in future. Some of the changes detailed in the Mortgage Market Review include aims to prevent a recurrence of the irresponsible lending which resulted in some ...

20th Dec 2011

Detached rural property 'the nation's favourite'

The nation's most desired home is a detached rural property with a large garden near to walking countryside and overlooking a beautiful landscape, according to a new survey. A poll of 5,370 people by PrimeLocation found that this is the ideal home when all types of considerations are taken into account, with the property set to cost the average buyer £523,866, 139 ...

16th Dec 2011

Small improvements 'make a home more sellable'

People can help to make their home more likely to sell by making small changes to the property rather than wholesale augmentations, one expert has advised. Real estate broker Elizabeth Weintraub said that, when it comes to adding value, people should not renovate. She noted that if sellers were not planning to make a renovation when they were intending to stay in the home, ...

13th Dec 2011

House prices 'will fall spectacularly' in the coming months

There is set to be a dramatic fall in the nation's house prices in the coming months, and people need to be aware that this is likely to occur, one specialist has explained. Paul Holmes, an expert on UK property , said that people need to expect an average one per cent fall per month will take place over the next 36 months, with property set to reduce in value by ...

6th Dec 2011

Pre-World War I homes see biggest price increase

UK property built before 1919 has seen the largest surge in prices over the past 25 years, according to a new report from Halifax. The data reveals that properties built before the end of the First World War have risen by an average of 461 per cent - which is equivalent to £516 per month - from £33,619 in 1986 to £188,473 in 2011. This is significantly ...

2nd Dec 2011